Friday, April 30, 2010

Homeopathic Medicine

has changed my life! If you have allergies or a headache or cramps or basically any other symptom Boiron has a homeopathic cure for you! I couldn't believe how well it worked for my allergies.. They are tiny pills that dissolve in your mouth and you take five at a time every 30 minutes until your symptoms go away. There are no side effects and you can't over dose! I bought mine at henrys. If you ever try them let me know what you think!
here are some pretty pictures from my tumblr
Do any of you have tumblr accounts?

This is how I feel when I go outside now that my allergies aren't killing me! haha
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I think I am going to paint some lotus flower/ water lilies soon... Ill post pictures when Im finished.
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  1. ooh, lovely lovely photos!

    good to know you're feeling better!

    xx scarzz


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