Friday, April 23, 2010

Pressed Fairies & Woodland Homes

If you love fairies and you haven't already heard of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Books then you must check them out! They are absolutely adorable... The stories are about a little girl who goes out into the garden with a big book and sets it open on her lap. When a fairy lands on the book she slams it shut and it makes an imprint of the fairy, no fairies are harmed ;) The stories are cute and the fairy illustrations are absolutely beautiful!
& to go along with fairy love you might be interested in these whimsical low impact woodland homes! They are inexpensive to build and use all natural materials. ♥
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  1. very cute pictures & post honey!

    i adoooreee your background too.
    xx scarzz

  2. i love this blog layout, were did you find it?
    such a cute blog, im so excited to see how it turns out :)

  3. thank you for finding me because I love your blog!

  4. hi hi hi, i'm jodie and your blog is amazing. we should be 'friends' so, nice to meet you!
    i adore fairies and can only imagine living in one of these sweet houses. those books look adorable - i am definitely checking them out.
    have you ever read anything by francesca lia block at all?
    if not, you will be SMITTEN!


    ps - i am also a mixed media artist. it's the most fun and most creative!

  5. Cute blog! The woodland homes are great haha

  6. Love fairies, love those books and love the home!

    I believe if you look at the letter on the inside of the book, mine is packed right now, it says Waldron...that's our last name!

  7. We are thinking about building a cob house when we move to Oregon. I want my little hobbit home. :) Thank you for your comments! To get that photo of my daughter and I floating it took a lot of different photos, pieced together and then a lot of patience in editing it so it fit smoothly. I may do a post showing all the different photos I used to make it at some point. I love your blog and your soul/spirit I see coming through it. We have a lot in common. <3 to you!
    Peace and Love.


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