Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plans & Dreams For My Life

Lists have always been my friend, I just looove making them. I get so many dreams and ideas in my mind which often overwhelm me, so breaking everything down to reasonable deadlines helps keep me organized. Sometimes I feel like I have a tendency to just stop and not go anywhere with my dreams which is really frustrating! I have been saying for months that I will start posting things on etsy and I haven't done it yet! Is it fear that is holding me back? I don't know.. I just need to DO IT and put myself out there and see what happens.
Okay, on with the lists!
twentyonethreenine:(via bennnn10)
Over Summer:
* I will have all the time in the world for three months to buckle down and post items for sale in my etsy shop.
* I will find the best way to scan and make prints of my work.
* Create create create.
* Some of my artwork will be in Rio Ricos ( my second display/show in fallbrook! :)
* I will send in the paper work for my resale license and start selling at the thursday oceanside market.
* I will learn how to make these really cool glass art pendents. 
* Buy all the supplies and books on my amazon wish list.....
Within The Next Year:
* I will have a great portfolio put together!
* I will have made at least 20 sales.
* I will have my own car.  I need a dependable car that is good on gas and not expensive.. Any Ideas?
* I will be finished with the art facilitator training and hosting my own art making groups.
* I will have some of my art featured in one of my favorite craft magazines, or at least apply to a few.
* I will be more confident with what direction I should go...
* Get certified for teaching yoga... Maybe at my college or through my gym until I have enough money to go to a reallyyy good yoga instructor training. Also, look into getting certified to teach prenatal yoga.

Five Year Plan:
* All of the above will be completed.
* I will be moved out of my parents house and into my own house.
* I will have my own business well established.
* I will have my own studio/gallery where I will facilitate my art making groups as well as offer different yoga classes and it will also be an open gallery with seasonal shows and parties with local bands.
* I will have my own organic garden & a big backyard!
* I might be married.
* Depending on which town I live in, I will get really involved with the community and try to start more local art and music fairs and farmers markets...
* I will have made the decision whether or not I need a college degree to make my dreams come true.
* Oh yeah, I will have a parrot and he will sing songs and laugh at me while Im in the garden, like my neighbors parrot does =)
* I also want a goat named daisy, three cats and two dogs.
* Is there too much on this list for five years?


If someone actually read this crazy post then I love you.  If you didn't I still love you.


  1. I love the 5 year plan! ahahah, a goat named daisy- wonderful!

    xx scarzz

  2. wow what an inspiring post! you are dreaming with your eyes wide open and its awesome :)

    thanks for the compliments on my post. i'll def be checking in here, your images and words are beautiful.

  3. I read it and I LOVE lists, I have them everywhere!

    Cant wait to see your art on Etsy!

  4. Wow! I should make a list like yours!
    Very inspiring.

  5. Thank you everyone for all of the sweet comments =)

  6. super list!! they can always be so much fun!!

  7. New Follower!

    Love the blog - Very cute!!

    I must admit that I am a huge list person too. Do you ever have a list and then after you do something that is not on the list ... go back ... add it ... simply so you can cross it off? That would be me!

    Would love if you'd visit my site and follow back :)

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  8. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
    Wow, lovely everything on here resonated with me hugely. They are such sweet and noble goals.
    Don't you just love dreaming big and then having life make you realize you were really dreaming so small with the OVER THE TOP things it had to offer? I have a feeling in 5 years you will be thinking the same.
    I can't wait to see you tick off the items!

    I am going to get yoga teacher certified as well!


  9. wow that's a long list and i love it!!


You are loved.