Friday, September 16, 2011

~*Just Be*~

Lately I have been feeling super stressed and like im losing all my marbles.  

When I first painted this it had no rain cloud or owl for about a month... then I realized how much it looked like rain on a gloomy pretty day so i added a little owl sitting on a branch under a rain cloud and stamped the words " just be "  sometimes it feels like life is overwhelming and like you are stuck in some kind of endless storm...   Instead of focusing on the negative things going on in life, I am learning how beautiful it can be to *just be* and feel the rain.. maybe even dance in it a little....  Life is full of ups and downs.... sun, rain... light, shadow. we can choose to experience these shifts any way we want.
"Some people feel the rain.  Others just get wet" -Bob Marley 

If you would like to adopt this little rainy owl click : here

**Remember that 10% of all owl art will go towards protecting owl habitats in northern california**

:::: ps things have gotten better. ::::
times are just a changin'


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