Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple Summer Hibiscus Mate

First off- I drink tons of tea.  I have a cabinet filled with medicinal and yummy organic loose leaf herbs that I try to drink at least once a day... While throughout the rest of the day I typically drink endless cups of green tea or mate sweetened with lemon.  
Right now this has been my favorite tea to throw together!  Both are easily found in grocery stores (especially if you have a fresh & easy) and the combination is MAGICAL!  I got so tired of spending 3$ every time I wanted a sweetened can of guayaki mate when I could spend 1$ more and make multiple pitchers..   For those of you who aren't familiar with Yerba Mate (pronounced: ma-tay) it grows in South America where people walk around daily with mate cups drinking, and sharing it with friends. This is a lightly caffeinated tea that is mentally stimulating and does not cause any typical caffeine related problems.  Trust me, a nice strong cup of mate will definitely kick start your day!
4 bags of each (or more depending on your taste)
enough water to fill a pitcher 
steep in hot water
let cool
place in fridge
easy as pie! ;)
 I like to squeeze a Meyer lemon from my grandmas tree for added health benefit + taste.
Mmmm this hibiscus Mate is so refreshing, stimulating and pretty :) 
 Found these two old sweet friends when I re-organized my closet..

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