Friday, May 25, 2012

The Tales of Gigi & Little Cat

This is the tale of Little Cat, Jade is what I originally named her but "Little Cat" is what stuck... 
Once upon a time there was a curious kitten who wandered away from a family who didn't know she was really a princess.   She walked and pounced her way to a very messy garage under a big peach house nestled in a grove of avocado trees.  "meow meeooww mrrroow" The princess kitten would whimper and whine as loud as she could to announce her arrival to the residents of this big peach house...  
Inside of a bright pink room within the big peach house there lived a little girl.  "Is that a kitten crying?!?"  Excitedly, she ran out of her room and burst through the front door only to hear the kitty more clearly! "MEOWWmeeeeeoow?"  This little girl was great at pretending she was a cat so she got on her hands and knees and began to crawl slowly down the driveway while meowing back to the kitty.  Finally she was close enough to pick up the kitten, upon recognizing the kittens royalty she brought her into her room with a little teacup filled with warm milk... perfect for a princess. 

And they live happily ever after in the bright pink room of the big peach house.

This is the story of Gigi... 
Once upon a time there was a small sweet white dog who lived with a very horrible man that would kick her every day.  After giving birth to her pups the man sold them and continued to treat her without any love.  One day this little lady snuck out of the house and headed away from the freeway and toward the green rolling hills filled with flowers, trees, rabbits and birds.  She was on a grand adventure and people throughout the town noticed her walking, but she was unstoppable.   After days of travel she came to a palm tree lined driveway where cars kept driving through and dropping off small children.  "this looks like a nice safe place" She thought to herself as she curled up under one of the shady trees and took a nap.  One of the cars passing by noticed a white matted dirty ball of fur and told Rachaels mother... "Rachael Rachael!!!"  Rachaels mother came rushing to her room and handed her what looked like a very dirty stuffed animal... until it moved!  

That is the story of how Gigi came to live with us. To this day she barks at every single man and if the ones she doesn't know get too close to me she will bite them.. She is sweet and kind to all women and children.  Gigi is approximately 14 years old now. 
before/after pics of her most recent haircut ;)

 The end.

p.s. I would love to hear the tails tales of your pets journeys!

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