Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Nights

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Also made my first treasury today on etsy... inspired by the elements of summer titled :
Sun & Sea
A post on that will be coming soon...

After my nanny job today I am going to the beach and swimming until I get too cold to move and then tonight I go to the Del Mar Fair!  This will be such a fun summer night... The weather has been beautiful! On the day of the Solstice last week, summer was rejoicing to Southern California "Im here! Im here! Come play with me!!"  It was a magical beautiful day filled with sun and happy vibrations... I made a new friend and together we celebrated the Summer Solstice with a little fire ceremony... By blowing our fears and desires out of our bodies and into a piece of sage and then setting it on fire in a tin holder and soaking up the incense... It was purifying and liberating.... I want to start practicing it daily as a little emotional/spiritual/mental cleanse.  Try it!  I am lucky to live in an area where I can go out and harvest fresh sage myself whenever I run out...

Did you know that the Latin name for Sage is Salvia which means "To Save" ?  Sage has been used for thousands of years as a purifying herb.  It was believed to the ancient greeks as a cure- all .  It also symbolized wisdom, skill, longevity, good health and increased psychic powers.  In the middle ages it was used to assist those who were forgetful and it was also infused to cure fevers and intestinal problems... Europeans used it to protect themselves from witch-craft in the 14th century.  Which is ironic because the same people who were accused of practicing witch craft were probably using sage as part of their tools to heal others!  There is an arabic saying : "how can a man die when he has sage in his garden?"  I like to use sage when I am hiking!  It is great crushed and added to a water bottle.  Makes warm water taste fresh and minty!  Sage can also be crushed (or lightly chewed up) then applied to bug bites.  Sage is also used in bundles/smudge sticks by those who practice energetic healing/cleansing to cleanse auras and dispel negative energy from any area.  How can you incorporate more sage into your life?? Any favorite recipes?

Here are some pictures to help you identify :

Enjoy these blissful summer nights...

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