Friday, June 15, 2012

Lemonade Stand + Sensory Craft!

On the last official day of daycare before summer vacation started we had a lemonade stand party for when the parents came to pick up their kiddos.  During the day we made lemonade together by taking turns squeezing lemons and stirring in sugar.  Next we made lemon art by passing around a lemon to look at its oval shape and bright yellow color.  Then each child drew their lemon outline with yellow pastels.  After that I put out lemon yellow paint for each child to fill in their outline.  Lastly I passed around some fresh lemon zest (thinly peeled lemon skins) and we glued them on top of our lemon paintings.  The children loved being able to smell and feel the lemon and they were all so proud of their pictures.

This is a great sensory craft for ages 2-4 

During nap time I set up the stand and taped their pictures up. 
These two were so excited for showing their parents the lemonade stand that they couldn't even take a nap!

 Some of the younger kids made a bunch of lemons on their page!

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