Thursday, August 30, 2012

August MOontime

This evening I sit here with my rice heat pad while sipping on a special blue moon tea blended specifically for cramps.  Ever since I was in high school my moon time has almost always been debilitating for me...  Each month on my first day I would wake up very sick and throw up.  The first time I went to a doctor for this he proscribed birth control pills which completely solved the throwing up/staying bed-bound problem by clogging  my body with synthetic hormones instead of healing the root of my imbalance.  I started getting terrible month long headaches and hated being on the pill which led me on my path to researching my dis-ease and seeking out alternative medicines.    Vitex (chaste berry)  was the first herb that I worked with and after a few months of continuous use my body worked with the herb to balance itself back out.  Vitex is a miraculous  herb that works as an adaptogen which regulates imbalanced hormones in our bodies.  It is especially good for the female endocrine system.    I love the rituals that women of different cultures before us practiced each month.  The native american "moon lodge" was a special time where each woman would go during the time of the new moon and menstruate together apart from the men and children of their tribe (unless their child was still nursing) During this monthly 3 day vacation from everyday life they would replenish, wash off the past and discuss and make decisions concerning their tribe.  Similar traditions were popular among the women throughout the Bible.. Rachel, Leah, Dinah etc... Except theirs was referred to as the Red Tent..  What happened with the women of today?  Our bodies used to become so aligned with each other that all the women of the family would start together each new moon.  It was always on the new moon.... I know that when we spend a lot of time around the same women our bodies will begin to align with each others but how did we stray so far from the past traditions of this special time?   It is our monthly reminder to regularly take some sweet cleansing time out of our lives to purge any upsets, confusion and loss from the month that has past.  Listen and allow your body to open and relax and feel like the goddess that you are.


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