Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last Blue Moon August 2012

...Ok so it wont be the last blue moon but we wont have another full blue moon until 2015! Soak up her light!

Tonight's Full Moon in Pisces completes a cycle of timewave collapse which has produced the perception of the quickening of time. This has occurred so that we focus on the most important spiritual and life matters. With less time on our han
ds there is less of it to waste. If you have felt this year to be the fastest of your life it is because of this mysterious phenomenon.
Expect the following types of life events to sync with this moon: penetrating self reflection, the transcendence of self-defeating behavior, ego denying events, recoveries of health and well-being, inspired actions connected to work and service, positive adaptations in personal practices, warnings in dreams, mystical experiences, and the exposure of hidden agendas.
Mystical awakenings are an important part of this Full Moon. Angelic whispers that guide thoughts and deeds will abound, moving all toward greater service and union with Creation. Sensory enhancements that enable perception and exchange with higher energies will occur, consciously and unconsciously. The immaterial will become more tangible for those who are sensitive to Spirit. There will be refinement and fine-tuning for those on the Path.
One of the most important meanings of this Full Moon is that it will sync with the end or sorrowful situations or circumstances wherever Pisces is found in our lives. Progress can manifest as a victory, solution, or path of great promise. Full Moon's close chapters and lives advance steadily beyond them.
The best types of actions to take under and beyond this Full Moon are those that focus on the improvement of health, working relationships, the way we deal with conflict, how we secretly view ourselves, what we do when no one is looking, and how we can help those who need it the most.
This Pisces Moon transitions us toward the final Full Moon to occur prior to Saturn's coming entry into Scorpio. This means that we will soon be entering the final month where personal desires and ambitions will be limited. The freedom and accomplishment that has been forestalled for more than two years will soon come to fruition.
Mirrors reflect what others may see, but our spirits propel us from A unto Z. Whether sullen or brilliant we all have to answer, our lives weighed fairly since our beginning in Cancer. Pisces means mystery and in life there are many, ascension is everywhere, it won't cost you a penny.

The rise is subtle and circular, at times difficult to see, the techniques are encoded in ancient alchemy. Of wishes and prayers, which will come faster? Prayers precede always and are followed by laughter. Saturn leaves Libra for the house of dark waters, to crush fallen angels who on Earth have become squatters.
In spirit,

Astrologer Salvador Russo 

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