Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cherry Blossom Sunrise

 Sometimes I procrastinate so much that it's the only reason it takes me months to finish something.  Then sometimes I wonder whether or not I would have had the same outcome if I had forced myself to work on it each day and finish sooner.  
This painting is very large and very textured.
I worked on this the majority of the time I spent painting this summer while listening to the pandora station "Japanese Sunrise"
 Everyone should listen to that station, so peaceful..
 I really like the dreamy/eerie feeling of this painting and the hidden details one might not instantly notice, like the koi fish.  I imagine that there is a little house on the top of the hill to the right and that the Cherry Blossom river is endlessly flowing pale pink tinted water through the mountain. 
Cherry Blossom Sun Rise 

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