Friday, November 9, 2012

"No, you're not putting scaffolding in your room."

So Im 23 and still living at home & I have wonderful reasons as to WHY, but...  I am also someone who has every year of the ikea catalog since 1998.  (I was ten in 98)  The first book I ever bought off amazon was "Shabby Chic Home" by Rachel Ashwell...   I used to save up birthday and Christmas money to buy new furniture and room decor!.... I have my own dishes!

The time has officially come for me to spread my wings and fly out of the nest, down the driveway, and onto a nice grated out spot on my parents property..........
Is this the worst idea or the best idea?
Still not 100% sure yet...

Reasons why i stay here:
1.  I am mama to 3 hens, two dogs and one cat & this is their home and comfort.
2.  My parents have 3 acres of avocado grove, my garden is here... My sweat, blood and tears have infused into this soil.
3.  I am not married and have no kids.
4. I work at home for my moms daycare....

Reasons why I go:
1.  I feel like any adult can come up with a few reasons as to why someone at the age of 23 would not want to live with their parents any longer.

Do I really want to be within yelling distance of them still?

Basically for about $13-15,000 I could have this sweet little slice of heaven:
:)))))))))))))))))))) meet the econodome.

Oh, you would like to see more pictures of my dream home?

Shower tiles that change with heat. too cool to be true..

I like the attached greenhouse & ghetto cob oven.

shome shweet shuculents.

Definitely cannot afford a bonsai this big...... but I can dream & grow ;)

Look! me in 40 years!

This shadey garden area reminds me of a restaurant that used to be down the street from my house...
I will manifest this home 

Econodome home: $14000
Labor, tools, ect: $4000+

Rachaels endless hours of happiness, freedom and bliss:  Priceless




  1. Hey girl, thanks for commenting and love your blog! :) So I'm turning 23 in May and I'm in the same boat as you hah! I've been taking my time in university (turns out an art major isn't the most practical and I've added public relations which is anohter year and half added) so I'm still live at home too. I dream of what my first place of my own will look like and how I'll decorate it too. Love this post. are you on pinterest? i've collected quite a collection of photos of my dream place haha. XO

    1. Hi! Ahh yes i loovve pinterest! heres my link: Do you have any blogs on tumblr?


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