Friday, March 22, 2013

Magical Magical, Everything IS Imaginable

Can we first just all get up and do a little dance together?! because I love this year and this planet so much.  Things are shifting....  Remember to practice your skills of visualization... Dream, make inspiration boards and imagine how amazing your life is and all the glorious opportunities that will endlessly unfold for you! always! If one door closes or makes you feel yucky when you go inside then run outta there and move on to the next door! If you don't see a door then IMAGINE one! a big beautiful stained glass door encased with crystals that says "Good Things Inside" & go in with confidence!

So lately I have been painting a lot of hummingbirds.... I really love being able to paint a flower with a bird so intimately beside it.  Beija Flor, means "Flower Kisser" in Portuguese.  Here in Southern California we have lots of hummingbirds pollinating our flowers and trees all throughout the year.  I just love them so much.   One night I had a dream that i was at a big vender/market section of a festival and I saw a man with hummingbirds in cages and he let me hold one... It felt so real! I could feel its little silky squrmy body wriggling around in my hands which were gently holding it.  My goal is to get them used to drinking out of feeders at my house and eventually get a hand feeder and let them sip nectar out of fake flowers in my hands.
Here is a hummingbird painting Im working on:

In other news, I am in LOVE!  His name is Kristofer Yegan Zoller & I love love love him.  We like all of the same things and no matter what we're doing, we are totally content because its what we both want to be doing.  We have some differences but they are wonderful and actually work out to help us grow.  Together we opened our own herbal wellness shop online and are making tinctures out of common plants that grow abundantly throughout Southern California & its called...... Beija Flor Herbals!  I love it!
This is us:

& this is our website for Beija Flor 

So... I have neglected Rosi Luna for the last year and now I can't stop thinking about it.  Right now im just deciding on the direction I want to go, back to etsy?  Look into a licensing agency?   Im thinking that the latter would be the better because there is just soooo much I want to do with my art (tee shirts, jewelry, decor, etc)  that I get overwhelmed and stop making new pieces which is what I love/need the most.  So I have a few pieces that are almost done and maybe ill list on etsy orrr get another art show together or something.

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  1. Hummingbirds are so special! Maybe I should tell a story about a book about hummingbirds, when I was apprenticing at Sage Mountain, a lovely amazing woman named Joy was the first friend I made there. She has sparkling white hair and speaks in poetry of animal spirits and sees the good in people's souls. When we first spoke, I asked her where she was from, and she said Rhode Island (I think) and I said, "oh I expected you to say New Mexico." and she became very excited and said, "you must be psychic, because I spend a lot of time with a shaman there and think of it as home." She told me I am clairvoyant and for some reason I believed her. But that wasn't the main thing, I told her I was worried about a bear because the week before I came, I dreamt of a big bear coming to my tent up at Sage Mt. and I was afraid. She told me not to be afraid, but to be happy, since the bear is the animal spirit of healing. Then she told me of a book that I should read, called Hummingbird's Daugther by Louis Alberto Urrea. I haven't yet read it, though this was over 2 years ago, and it really stood out to me. But lately, the past few days I have been thinking of the book, and now that I found your blog and art (that is truly so beautiful and inspiring) I think it's quite synchronistic. Joy gave me a blessing, that the book would bless me as it did her and find me at the perfect time. So I bless you too, that if you are meant to read it, or whatever good things are coming your way, you should be blessed with all good things, all at the right time.
    p.s. congratulations on your love, and your new shop, it's all so beautiful

    1. Wow thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story! You apprenticed at sage mountain?? thats amazing.. ive always wanted to visit or take a course there.. It sounds like you had an amazing teacher guiding you. That book sounds awesome too, i would definitely love to read it.. Thank you! <3 Rachael


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