Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My interview with The Love Collective!

I am so excited and honored to be apart of this beautiful LOVE movement, The Love Collective asked me to do a promoted artist interview and talk about my path and herbal passion! If you are interested in learning more about TLC please visit the Aquarius Nation facebook page here

Here is a copied version of my interview, if you'd like to become a TLC member check out http://www.aquariusnation.com


the love collective tribe member:  Rachael Rose
Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra, Rising in Gemini
Lives in Fallbrook, California
Rachael works with Seeds, flowers, barks, roots, berries, essential oils, luna, sol , shamballa, paint, canvas, pastels, paper.Describe Who You Are to us:
I am an artist, herbalist, empath and sensitive-creative spirit who is endlessly inspired by the entire universe around me. 24 years earthside, expressing myself as the feminine. Since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be an artist and help children and my favorite thing to do outside was to mash up plants and pretend I was a witch or Rafiki from the lion king. My role models are my mom, Natalie Rose, my grandmothers, Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman, Beatrix Potter & Juliet De Baricle Levy. After high school, I knew I wanted to work with children in a therapeutic setting but I never felt happy going to community college. Once I discovered there were schools for Herbology, Shamballa, Aromatherapy and also programs for Expressive Art Therapy, I was filled with bliss and 100% on my true path the moment I signed up. I studied Herbology at Natural Healing school in Encinitas, CA and later completed a Yoga & Somatic Movement training as well as a Thai Massage Certification, all with my main focus in women and children’s health. After that, I trained in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. I believe that the Shamballa/energy healing form of art is the quickest way to let go of any negative while attuning to the positive, all healing, all accepting vibration of L O V E. That is what its all about and where the real healing takes place. For the last 5 years I have worked part time for my moms home daycare center. Working with such young beings is truly rewarding for me… My entire life has been surrounded by women + children and it makes sense that I grew up to be a woman who's main passion is to bring healing/balance/nourishment to the creative feminine aspect. A few years ago I opened an online shop selling artwork and then ended up working off of commissions while going to school.. Last November 13, 2012 on Solar Eclipse, I met and fell in love with my twin flame/Soul mate and we just eloped in Costa Rica for a month this last August. While we were there we worked on an organic farm growing all of our own food and learning about the local herbs of Costa Rica. Before we left we started a small herbal business together so we could spread our healing love and knowledge of plant medicine to others. I hope you found my story interesting, and maybe even inspiring!
When did you first realize you had these gifts/passions?
They have been brewing inside me since I was a small child. My mom encouraged me to follow my heart and do what I love. As soon as I believed that there was no point to conforming to societies norms, I was free to follow my heart and spread my wings and fly.
What path did you follow before you awakened to honoring the path of your gifts/passion?
I listened to my fears instead of honoring my heart. Once fear can be accepted but not taken seriously, and love can hold a balanced foundation, then comes freedom and dreams coming true. I worked at a bank for a year once and quit when I signed up for my Herbology classes.
What was the turning point that forced you out on the ledge to jump into the faith of following the career path of your gifts?
Not having anything to lose. For a little while I was going through an almost wreckless, pissed off, rebellious stage in life and was questioning so many different things about this version of my reality. I got really into art journalling, gardening, herbs, crystals and spirit animals. I really began to re-understand who I was and what I was here for and just decided to go for it. : )
What is the mission statement of your career?
To promote overall wellness, balance and strength of the human body and spirit through herbs, art, crystals and healing holistically.
Where do you reside on Planet Earth?
The friendly Village of Fallbrook, CA. I live in an old barn-turned-house with my Husband Kris, my two dogs, Riley & Gigi, and my cat, Jade.
What advice do you have to give to others who are following a similar path?
Stick to it! Once you lose your fears then you will lose the setbacks - and if you still get any setbacks they won't be a big deal because you won't have fear! Practice self love and take care of your body mind and spirit. Time doesn’t exist. You have a unique path that is only true for *you* and you are here to fulfill your special adventure, so just let what feels good, flow out of you. If you are with someone who is not aligned with the same flow of energy then please just give yourself a chance to see what its like to live without them blocking you. Go for it! We are all here to support and encourage you.
What struggles have you had in expressing your gifts/passion?
Illusions of fear and not believing enough in my skills and purpose or at times not allowing myself enough rest or time to develop ideas.
Do you have any specials you would like to share for when your interview is running?
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