Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Check the ingredients in your deodorant!

Over the last week I have shared with a few different people about the harmful, possible side effects of most deodorants.  Continue reading to learn more about the harmful effects of most deodorants & also see a list of alternatives options!  The picture below is of the one I use & absolutely LOVE.

Aluminum & Parabens
Those are the ingredients you are looking for, if your deodorant has aluminum listed as one of the top ingredients please do your body a favor and toss that poison into the trash can.  We have very sensitive tissue & lymph nodes under our armpits and when you put toxic chemicals in such a sensitive area - those toxins can (will) be absorbed into your body and breast tissue.  Yikes! that means that especially for women this can be a dangerous daily ritual to continue using the same poisonous product, maybe even for years at a time.

Aluminum :
*  Is one of the main ingredients in deodorant used for blocking sweat glands from sweating… which is an odd idea to me because sweating is a natural part of our bodies functioning properly.  Did you know that we sweat in order for our bodies to release bacteria, viruses and other possible threats to the body?

An even scarier fact is that aluminum can be absorbed into the skin and cause estrogen changes in breast tissue! Uh oh.. Not good because estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non cancerous breast tissue.

* Aluminum is also linked to Alzheimer's.  There is plenty of research and lab tests out there to prove it, if you would like me to go into further detail and share sources just let me know.

Parabens:  Similar to aluminum, parabens are absorbed into the skin and can cause changes in estrogen.  Unfortunately, parabens are found in almost ALL beauty products ; lipstick, eye make up, deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo, etc etc etc…. parabens are chemicals used as a preservative and food additive.  Parabens have been found in cancerous breast tissue. parabens are nothing you want near or inside your body.

I know it probably sounds crazy and maybe even slightly overwhelming but we have so much information at our fingertips, how can we not share these things with each other especially with the major rise in cancer in our people?  My goal is to learn the truth about dangerous things we have collectively accepted, and share them with all of my loved ones in order to help form a more pure and healthy world.  My grandma had breast cancer and unfortunately she is not the only other woman i know who has experienced this form of cancer.  Please do yourselves and your family and friends a favor and check labels of skin products before you purchase them.  There are so many alternatives that are made with nothing but the best ingredients and run by all-star companies who care about the well being of their consumers.  Wouldn't you rather support them instead anyways?

My Deodorant Recommendations : 
So a few years ago once I found out about all the yucky ingredients I wanted to avoid, i went on a hunt for the perfect deodorant, i researched and tried about 8 of the top rated natural alternatives out there - My favorite by far is created by a brand I absolutely love called "Weleda"

You can find their products at Sprouts or probably any larger local natural foods store, I've even seen some of their oils at Target! maybe they carry their deodorants as well, not sure.  Weleda is a bit pricier than the other natural alternatives but the difference is well worth it!  They are about $15 for one 3.5 FL OZ glass spray bottle and that bottle lasts a lot longer than you would assume.  Plus you can just wash and re-use the bottle for a home made hand sanitizer after the deodorant is gone.  There are a few different scents to choose from.  The first scent I tried was their original "Wild Rose" and I haven't wanted to try any other scent just because i love that one so much.  My mom just switched over to their products last week and tried "Citrus" and she loves it! I smelled hers and oh my, it smells amazing also.

When i tried their deodorant it was my first time using a spray deodorant and i loved it!  It makes me feel fresh, clean and happy.  I spray it on right after I get out of the shower and i feel clean all day : ) sometimes I will re apply but it isn't absolutely necessary.  Among the other natural deodorants I've tried the two more popular ones were the crystal roll on which made me itchy and the "toms" brand deodorant which made me feel sweaty all the time.  Currently I have almost all the ingredients to make my own natural stick deodorant and I will do another comparison with home made vs. store bought. I am also interested in hearing what your favorite natural deodorant is??? Do you have one that works wonders for you? I would love some feedback.

p.s. While you are in the healthcare section of your local natural foods grocery store you might as well check out the shampoos & conditioners ; )
remember, you don't want anything with parabens … maybe thats a good excuse for all new beauty products?  Hmm, why not……? ♡ :)

Thanks for reading, love you all! make good choices!

Love Rachael Rose

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