Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elderberry Harvest & Tincture Recipe

Today we harvested some local Elderberries & I did the tedious- but rewarding- task of plucking each berry off the stem and preparing them to be frozen or used in syrups, teas, etc.
Thank you Elder Trees of Fallbrook, we love you very much.

Elderberries have long been used for many different ailments and is especially beneficial as a preventive medicine.  The Elder tree is definitely worth looking into and doing your own research on as it is an excellent go-to remedy for so many different forms of dis-ease, sicknesses, etc.  Elder medicine should be in everybody's medicine cabinets. Just about all parts of the tree including, bark, berries, leaves, flowers are used for different ailments.  Fevers, toothaches, skin blemishes, melancholy, coughs, asthma, stomach problems etc etc…

Elderberries can be made into syrups, honeys, wines, tinctures, salves powders, preserves & oils.  I absolutely love this tree & can't wait to work more with it.

Recipe below pictures :


This jar went straight into the freezer for smoothies and fresh elderberry teas…

The following will be a simple recipe for an elderberry tincture (alcohol extract)  This tincture can be taken daily with no harmful side effects.. I would recommend just a couple drops under the tongue daily as a preventative medicine and 3 dropper fulls every few hours during sickness.

step 1. Gather your fresh or dried elderberries (they can be purchased here )
step 2.  Fill a small clean mason jar 3/4s of the way full with your berries.
step 3.  Pour brandy in jar, over berries until your are about 1 inch over the tops of the berries.
step 4.  Put your lid on the jar and shake it - don't break it.
step 5.  Store in a dark warm place and shake every day for two weeks + until you are ready to strain into a separate container and use!

Extra special ideas: decorate your tincture jar with feathers and set crystals on top of it while it is extracting : ) send it lots of love and healing energy to your home made medicine….

Hope you are able to try the recipe or at least give elderberry tea a try! It is absolutely delicious… Please let me know your results or any questions you may have !

Ps elderberry medicine is safe to use with children. :)  If you do not wish to make your own elderberry medicine, we have done it for you and sell it online + we added some other organic immune boosting herbs to create a delicious and healing tincture, you can find it in our shop here

blessings & wellness to you~
Rachael Rose

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