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Pre- Pregnancy Prep: Cleansing, Strengthening & Hormone Balancing

If creating a baby is/ has been on your mind, there is no better time than now to begin to prepare your body!  Start off by taking a good long hard look at your diet.  What does your daily diet consist primarily of?  Main breakfast/lunch & dinner meals?  Snacks? Sweets? Drinks? Create a list based on the reality of your daily diet as it is currently.

The colon is extremely important to maintaing optimum health and most health problems can be linked to something going wrong with your gut.  It is important to do at least one colon cleanse a year.  Think of it as a fresh start, clearing out all the old crap (literally) and giving your body a chance to completely rebuild starting off on a pure solid foundation.

To prepare your body for a cleanse (it is important you don't just go cold turkey with this)  Begin by completely elliminating all processed foods, tobacco, and alcohol.  Anything that comes in a package and is pre made is a good indicator that it is most likely a processed food item. If you are unsure whether or not a food item is processed, google it and research. While you're at it, cut out all excess sugars that are not derived from fresh fruits etc.  Depending on the type of cleanse you do, cut out all meat (meat requires a longer amount of time for your body to digest) when you are doing a cleanse you want to give your digestive system a break to allow it to completely unload any gunk that may have been building up over the last year or years depending on if you have ever done a cleanse or not.

The top cleanse I would recommend investing in. (Obviously it is one of the most worthy investments)
Blessed Herbs Colon cleanse with the peppermint flavor, found here.

If this cleanse sounds like its going to be too much for you start off by removing all the food items I mentioned above, and buying a good juicer (jack lalanne from costco is a great first juicer) and looking into a juice cleanse (using only organic fruits & veggies)  This can be a 3 day cleanse or more.  Empower yourself and research the health benefits of cleansing your body.

In order to plant a seed, you must first nourish the soil!  

After you cleanse your body, don't go right back to your old ways with food (assuming you had a few poor food choices)  Now is the time to continue your new healthy habits, your body is fresh and pure and ready to be loaded up with only the best for you and your future baby!  Congratulations! Now you are ready to incorporate some reproductive strengthening & boosting herbs & supplements into your diet, you are well on your way to prime baby making!

Optimally, you will want to cleanse/detox/strengthen for a minimum of 2 months, however I would prefer anywhere from 3-6 months of prepping to be ideal before trying to conceive.

Next, consider adding a women's reproductive cycle detox tea- I prefer to use my own blend, which you can read about and purchase here.  This tea can be used daily, throughout the day.  It is soothing, gentle and nourishing, rich with vitamins and minerals that are present in the organic herbs used.   Also begin to research your prenatal vitamin choices as well as fish oil choices.  The prenatals I use are made by Garden Of Life and they are the RAW prenatal, you can find them here.  This is a great quality food-based prenatal vitamin which your body will be able to absorb.

If you are a woman and feel that you are having underlaying hormonal imbalances, for example, if you're periods are always off schedule, if you have horrible cramping and PMS then you might want to consider taking a few additional steps to insure your reproductive system is ready to go, luckily there are some wonderful herbal allies that have been used for centuries to balance hormones and work with your body to ease symptoms of PMS.  If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to email me for more information on this topic.

Another food based supplement that you and your partner should consider adding (other than enriching your diet with more fresh organic whole foods)  is Maca powder!  Maca is an amazing adaptagen (helps to balance hormones and relieve stress in men & women) Maca tastes great and can be blended into your daily smoothies or mixed into yogurt etc.   Maca is also known for its fertility boosting properties! You can buy maca powder here. 

After you and your partner prep your bodies beginning from within, by elliminating all the junk you know isn't good for you and going the extra mile to support only organically grown produce and whole food, your body and your health will thank you and you will definitely feel the difference.  I know that if you actually do follow these steps and incorporate these foods and supplements you will begin to feel so alive & wonderful!

The next part of "Pre-Pregnancy Prep" is : "Stretches and Exercises for Women's Health

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Blessings to you on this magical journey! 
Love, Rachael Rose

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