Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Moon Super Moon Eclipse Feels Like :


So that sure was a big and beautiful moon last night!  Last time I posted on my blog was right before I found out that i was pregnant! haha - I didn't even make it through my pre- pregnancy prep series… I swears will come back to that though! I have a lot more to share now that I have prepped myself and gone through an entire successful pregnancy… Now, almost one year later, I'm standing here writing while wearing my sleeping little two month baby boy!  My life is completely different - we don't even live in the same home anymore but ill have to save that for another post…

So here I am- getting in the groove of motherhood and now wanting to make more time to create my art & give more love and focus to my blog and etsy shop along with being a stay at home mommy to sweet Swayze… (pronounced sway-zee)

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