Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yoga & Massage for Boosting Your Fertility

There have been studies done with evidence that suggest that the modern women is overworked, over stressed and under nourished.  When we are constantly in fight or flight mode (whether that is from excess caffeine or just too much daily stress in general) our adrenals are being taxed and our bodies can literally prevent a pregnancy from occurring because of the constant stress mode.  Combine the excess stress with women putting years into their education and career before starting a family- can create a not-so-ideal recipe for pregnancy.  While I totally respect women who have worked so hard for a badass successful career- I have also seen how women in their late 30s and 40s have a harder time getting pregnant compared to women in their 20s.   Harder? ok, sure.. Impossible? No way!  There are SO many things you can do to increase the odds of pregnancy… Plus.. Maybe your little star seed is just waiting for the perfect time to beam into your life :)

Next up in my pre pregnancy prep blog series is : Yoga & Massage for Boosting your Fertility :   While you are prepping your body by eliminating toxins from your diet and incorporating more fresh organic foods, juices, herbs and supplements -  Consider cutting down (or removing all together) caffeine and trying gentle forms of yoga to relax and release tension.  Check the schedule at your local yoga studios & sign up for a Yin Yoga class-  Yin is a form of yoga that I used to teach and it is one of my absolute favorite forms to practice.  Yin Yoga helps us to go within and allows enough time per stretch for releasing tension while also calming your mind.  In short- Yin : is slow, feminine.  Yang : is fast, masculine.  So a more Yang style yoga class would be a heated cardio pumping flow yoga.  Yin yoga is basically the complete opposite.   Another great choice would be a beginners yoga or "Slow Vinyasa" or even a "Restorative Yoga" class.  Those are all wonderful styles to try during this sacred time of pampering and preparing your body for pregnancy.  I am working on a video series of Yin Yoga specifically for female related body phases.  So make sure to check back for more information on that if you are interested.

During your period-  Take a break, honor your body, love your self,  and learn to love your moon cycle if you don't already.  Consider it a time to go within, pamper yourself and feel like a Goddess..  Get comfortable with the fact that you are a woman, your blood each month means that your body is doing what it is supposed to do… honor that.   I personally like to drink my Moontime Tea which relaxes muscle and mental tension I also love to drink red wine & eat dark chocolate while I'm on my period.  Take time to snuggle under the covers with a journal and pen, spend time outside at night and take a moon bath.  If you had a particularly stressful month leading up to your period, consider taking the morning or maybe full day off of work! You deserve a day to your SELF.  If that is not possible for you, please make it a priority to spend some alone time at the end of your day or before the work day begins… Reflect, Release, Renew…

During my month long stay in Costa Rica, I read and learned about the ancient art of Maya Abdominal Massage, which is believed to help many different types of female reproductive imbalances and is also used to relax and release any tension in the uterus.  I am not an expert on this type of massage and there is already some excellent information out there for you.  Check out these two articles and you will learn what you need to know to get started:

*Another tip: If you think you could be a little underweight- try increasing your calorie intake- sometimes gaining a few pounds will actually help your hormonal system balance out and increase your chance of concieving.  The same goes for if you are overweight- consider finding what you believe is your healthy size & balance.

* If you found this post and would like to start at the beginning of this blog series- please click here. 

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  1. I only need a yoga and massage when I am in stress and depress.
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