Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DIY Herbal Teething Remedy

So this is a recipe inspired by Rosemary Gladstars Herbal Remedies for Children that I will share links to at the bottom of this post.  I basically chose two herbs from a list of herbs that are gentle and almost always baby safe. I am not a doctor so all of this is purely my opinion and based off of my own experience with my teething 4 month old baby. :)  

Luckily we almost always have catnip and lemon balm growing in our herb garden so those are the herbs I chose to work with for my tincture.  The following photos will illustrate step by step of what I did so that you can try the recipe at your own home.  First, respectfully harvest your herbs (or buy dried but since i am working with fresh herbs my recipe will be slightly different)  Once you harvest your herbs, clean them and strip the leaves from their stems.

  Next, finely chop them up like the photo below.  I am using 3 part catnip to 1 part lemonbalm.

I ended up with about a 1/2 cup of the chopped fresh herb.


Next i added the herbs to my clean pint sized mason jar. Measured a 1/2 cup of water with 1/2 cup vegetable glycerine.  

 Mix both liquids and pour over herbs.
 Blend it all together.
 I ended up combing 1/4 cup more of each liquid to the tincture to cover the herbs a little bit more. 
 Put the cap on, and don't forget to label!! I recommend writing the day you started and the day it should be finished.. Give it at the very least 4 weeks but its better to go 6 weeks or longer - so this is something that you should have prepared ahead of time. 

I chose to write this post after I actually got to use the remedy on my baby so that i can give my own testimony as to how it worked out! It was absolutely WONDERFUL!  My baby is 4 months old so I give him about 2 or 3 drops of this tincture at a time and usually wait couple hours before giving more… I apply it to his gums by adding a drop at a time to a finger and letting him suck/gnaw it off.. He loves the flavor of it and takes an adorable sigh of relief right after he has some.. I will be using this as my go to remedy for any bad teething days he might have.  I also like to combine this with some essential oil on the bottoms of his feet and he wears an amber necklace every day.

Let me know if you tried this or something similar or if you have any questions <3 p="">

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