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Harp Music & Norse Goddesses : An Interview With Helisir

Im so excited to have my first blog interview with the founder and musician, Jacqueline of Helisir.  I am also excited and honored that my painting "Freyjas Tears" will be the album art for her new album "Fólkvangr"

Please enjoy this very special interview with Jacqueline as she shares her inspirations, stories about the norse goddess Freyja and more!

How long have you been creating music?

::: "I've been creating music since I was a kid, always wrote songs, always sang, and my dad played a home organ and later a keyboard that I was allowed to play on too. So it's been with me all my life to create and compose."

What inspired you to create the album Fólkvangr?

::: "My inspiration from Fólkvangr came out of the wish to create a new album, but I had absolutely nothing to start with. Once I started to look into where and how I wanted to record something inspiration slowly came in.
"Ever since I was little Freyja has always been of tremendous importance to me. I was always interested in old myths and legends from Scandinavia and that will always lead to the old cosmology. I felt like this was the goddess I wanted to sing and compose about"

Can you tell us more about Freyja and what she represents?

:::"Freyja teaches us to be independent over many of our life aspects: love, life, death, confrontation, wisdom, magic/craft, sexuality, fertility and children/babies (she is called upon by birth because women balance between their old and new life/ between death and rebirth). She is the leader of the Valkyries and the patron and protector of the human race, but she's also the patroness of women who gain wisdom, power, strength and priestesses.

How might one wish to connect more with Freyjas energy and archetype? 

"In the Tarot Freyja is connected to the high priestess and she's connected with Amber, her necklace the Brisingamen is made out of raw amber and forged by the dwarves.
Freyja has two sides you can work with: one side is the one of independency, wild untamed forces of nature and sexuality (wether it be healing after birth, preparing a love night with a SO or lover, figuring out feelings etc.).
The other side is a bit deeper and is all about morality. Freyja doesn't hold into account what others feel or think or want. In this sense she's a goddess of determination, but absorbing too much of her energy can cause someone to become reckless, selfish and little self absorbed.
Her Archetypes are the Shape Shifter, the Lover and the Warrior. I got this from a source but these are the types you can work with and I resonate well with them:

The Shape Shifter:
The Shape Shifter is a useful archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles.
The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to commit to any particular path.

The Lover: You may be drawn to this Goddess Archetype if you are looking to attract a new lover or to re-ignite the fire in an existing relationship. The Lover can also be a useful tool to discover what you are passionate about in life.
On the shadow side you need to ask, whether the amount of energy and time you are putting into relationships, or enthusiasm for projects is excessive? If this continues for too long you are likely to suffer from stress and physical ill health.

The Warrior: If you are drawn to work with this Goddess you may require her Warrior spirit to help you to stand up for your rights and set firm personal boundaries. This Goddess can be a great stereotype to work with if you want to take control in your life, and wish to no longer play the role of the victim.
You may also wish to call upon this Goddess to champion the cause of others.
Conversely this Goddess may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are proud of the victories you have achieved. The shadow side may be asking you to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. Have they been at the expense of others or your principals?"

Do you have a favorite folkloric story about Freyja?

"My favorite story is about the Brisingamen: to keep it really short:
The dwarves forged a beautiful necklace for Freyja but they would only give it to her if she'd sleep with them for 4 days and nights. Because Freyja felt all beings deserved love (and well... she has pretty much slept with every God and Goddess of the Norse pantheon :P) AND because she REALLY wanted the necklace she did it.
BUT Loki knew what was going on (he can see through fires and dwarves and their forges have.. well fires) so he stole Freyja's necklace out of jealousy that she would sleep with the dwarves but no with him. Eventually Heimdall (the God who guards the Asgard bridge) returned the necklace to Freyja.
The story is really funny and a friend of mine told it at the Midwinterfair where I performed in December and it was perfect. I guess it also depends on how it's told but a good story teller makes the old lore so much more approachable."

We would love to hear some of your music!

To stick a little to the story I will share the Brisingamen videoclip I made a few days ago:

People can download "AeroWyre", an album I released 6 years ago on my website for free: www.helisir.com
And I'm on Spotify with "Ravn" if they want to have a taste :).

Any advice for anyone on their path to following their dreams?

:::"My advice for every soul that is pursuing their dreams: just do it. If not the simple way, do it the hard way. Dreams are there to be grasped, but that doesn't mean you won't ever have to fight for it. Claim your power, claim your position and always reflect on how you feel. Your calling is the red line in your life that has been with you since birth. Sometimes you just have to look a bit deeper between all those other shades of red to find it. :)"

Thank you SO much Jacqueline!!! Please check out Helisirs indiegogo campaign which has less then 1 month left! more info HERE  Ps she is already 44% funded! Yay! I am selling prints of Freyjas Tears in my etsy shop and will be donating $10 of each print of "Freyjas Tears" sold to help fund her campaign until it ends! Check out the print in my shop HERE

Ps.  Do you have a favorite norse Goddess? Or any additional information to share with us about Freyja? We would love to hear from you :)


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