Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Body is a Rainbow : A Book About Our Chakras

In July of 2016 almost exactly 1 year after I gave birth to my Sunshine, Swayze Yegen, I self published my first children's book!

This book came after months of sketching, painting, and researching the best self publishing platform (for my needs) and then photographing my artwork and formatting and finally FINISHING! (oh and in the middle of this, I moved to Costa Rica with my family for 4 months, but that's another story)

When I taught Children's Yoga classes I always wanted a book to read at the end of class that was about the chakras and written/illustrated in a very gentle, simplified and kid-friendly way... and I knew that I probably needed to be the one to bring this into existence.  Fast forward to one day in the spring of 2016 when my baby was taking a nap, I prayed that the perfect words would flow through me to bring forth whatever the children who would someday hear the words in my book needed to hear/know.  I am SO happy with how it all turned out and also very grateful for my new "self publishing my own books" skill

Watch this video for a little clip of me reading my book!

For more information, you can order my book on my website here
or on amazon here

Also, if you order my book and post a photo of it on Facebook or instagram and tag me, and I will email you a matching printable coloring book.

P.S. Since I am an indie author, I rely on you to spread the word, share a photo or website link or IG tag or Pinterest pin or whatever you want!  Help me to spread this message and join forces with me to get this into as many kids hands and hearts as we can! They are the future after all...

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