Monday, December 18, 2017

2018 Lunar Phase Calendar by Rachael Rose Zoller

My 2018 Lunar Phases Calendar is here and ready to order!
It was created using watercolor and colored pencil and comes printed on a large 12x17" paper, ready to frame and hang in your home or office!

& if you order, share a pic on instagram & tag me so i can see it hanging in your sacred spaces!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Bliss Aromatherapy Oil

Yesterday I made a new oil blend inspired by spring... It has oils that are known for their uplifting, inspiring, harmonizing, zen-like and slight euphoria effects...
"Spring Bliss" smells like you are walking through a misty, damp flower garden... surrounded by vines, herbs and citrus... Loving this scent and the energy it carries.

I made this oil using organic sunflower seed oil, organic rose hip seed oil and essential oils of : lavender, tangerine, fennel and clary sage.  I have also added some dried herbs of : calendula, california poppy, lavender and rosemary.  

If you would like to try it, find it in my shop at or in my etsy shop at 

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8 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox for All Ages

Can you feel it? The sun is waking up, the days are getting warmer... little green buds are beginning to form and blossom all over trees and plants... 

The Spring Equinox is on March 20-21 
and it is when the northern hemisphere officially welcomes spring... 
during this time we have a balance of 
approximately 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night, 
ushering in longer days and shorter nights.
My painting, "Enlightened Echinacea" find it in my shop here.

If you are a gardener or nature person of any type, you are most likely dreaming of all the wonderful things you want to plant and do outside, I know I am in full on SPRING mode.  I have created a fun and practical list of different ways to celebrate the return of spring.

8 ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox: 

1. GET OUTSIDE! Go to a nursery, or a botanical garden or a favorite hiking spot or farmers market... Spend time in nature, and take a moment to feel gratitude for the coming spring as we move away from winter..

2.  Lavender is one of the flowers associated with spring and Ostara, Lavender lemonade, anyone? Or lavender lemon cookies... or both? Maybe even make some lavender wands... or just place a bouquet of lavender in your home.  Dont have any lavender growing? try rose, lilies, daffodils, daisies...

3.  Decorate Eggs: This spring, now that our son is almost 2, we will be taking part in this classic easter/ostara tradition... except we will be experimenting with natural dyes like beet, turmeric and red/purple cabbage and different herbs and flowers..

4. Get a new spring outfit ;) Did you know that this is an old tradition as well?  getting yourself/ your family a new spring outfit is said to bring prosperity, luck and new beginnings to your life.  I recommend supporting an artist who sells hand made clothing on etsy or other artisan sites... Or thrift a cute outfit and lessen your footprint and avoid "fast fashion" (which is cheaply made and usually ends up in landfills.)  This is one thing that i really really really try to avoid.. Did you know that it is one of the biggest violators on environmental and human rights? Learn about fast fashion: here.

5. Create a spring themed nature shelf or mandala.  Crystals, fresh spring flowers. Maybe a cute little DIY bird nest center piece with candles, painted eggs etc.. This can be fun for kids to help with as well... I love this waldorf style decor below.

6.  Plant seeds! or Start planning a garden.... 
As you plant your seeds, place your hands over them and send a blessing and prayer for those little seeds, that they may grow and bloom and provide nourishment for you and your family (if growing for food/medicine)
Even if you have a small apartment, find a little space near a window to sprout some seeds..

7. Art Journal :  Most of you reading this already know that I love art journaling especially with my online art journaling circle, "Art Journaling with the Moon Phases" If you have a journal or spare piece of paper, set some time aside to write down some of your intentions... what type of things are you wanting to nurture and spend time tending to this year?  
The Spring Equinox also represents balance within yourselves (as well as balance with light and dark) This would be a good journal prompt as well... 
I created some printable art journal pages inspired by the spring equinox as well as a few journaling prompts to get you started which you can also find in my "Spring Blessings" Journal Art Kit (link to the kit at the end of this post)
(a photo of one of the journal page backgrounds i made for the kit)

8. Last but not least = spring clean.  
Give yourself the gift of a fresh and clean home as you welcome a new season.  
Open up some windows in your house, let fresh air get into every room and sweep/vacuum, shake out the rugs, wash the bedding etc...
 I would also suggest smudging and burning some sage.
You can find different types of herbal smudge bundles in my shop  If you need some.
The herbal smoke is used to purify the air and energy when it is burned.   If you are really in a spring clean mode- donate some unused or unwanted items...
One book i recommend on the subject is "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" it is amazing. find it here: HERE  

Check out the link below if you'd like to see the "Spring Blessings" Printable Journal Kit that I made for whoever would like to get creative and set intentions in an artsy DIY way... 

spring blessings journal kit

So what do you like to do to ring in the spring time?  Will you by trying anything that I listed above? Would love to read your comment below.

Many blessings, luck and prosperity to you always!
Love, Rachael
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